DECEMBER 2008   Characters at the Lincoln Christmas Market
Once again we found ourselves exhibiting at the Lincoln Christmas Market, which is well established as one of the finest Christmas events in the country.  Many places have tried to emulate this fair, but very few can match it on the location and the variety of stalls.  This year was extra special because the weather was mild, dry and sunny for four days and nights; which must be some kind of record for this show.  As a result people flocked to Lincoln in their thousands to visit the exhibitors and see the sights.
Lincoln Christmas Market 1
Zoo Ceramics at the Lincoln Market
Images of the Lincoln Christmas Market 2008
Lincoln Christmas Market 2
Lincoln Christmas Market 3
Lincoln Christmas Market 4
Lincoln Christmas Market 5
Lincoln Christmas Market 6
Lincoln Christmas Market 7
Lincoln Christmas Market 8
Lincoln Christmas Market 9
Lincoln Christmas Market 10
     Characters at the Lincoln Christmas Market 2008
As the weather was so clement it provided me with a good opportunity to create a photographic record and capture a little of the atmosphere.  Apart from the scenery, what makes this show really special is the fabulous Victorian costumes worn by the stall holders and here are a few of the best examples.
Lincoln Character 1
Lincoln Character 2
Lincoln Character 3
Paul from www.matthewsceramics.com
Linden from www.lindencraven.co.uk
Tom from Rusticraft 01522  721014
Lincoln Character 4
Lincoln Character 5
Lincoln Character 6
Sarah from Completely Nuts [email protected]
Pete from www.glasswithcare.com
Claire form www.butterfliesandhurricanes.co.uk
Lincoln Character 7
Lincoln Character 8
Lincoln Character 9
Bich from Minhtam Lacquer 07974 204114
Dave from www.kudosrocksalt.co.uk
Barbara from www.holhinghambears.com
Lincoln Character 10
Lincoln Character 11
Lincoln Character 12
Bhavna from york Art Tribal
Andy from www.kananda.com

Rachel from www.bowserbros.com
Lincoln Character 13
Lincoln Character 14
Lincoln Character 15
Chloe from Gourmet Nuts
Jim from www.trinitycourtpotteries.co.uk
Sally from www.condessa.co.uk
Lincoln Character 16
Lincoln Character 17
Lincoln Character 18
Lincoln Character 19
Jane and Mostyn from www.foxlec.co.uk
Wooden Toys
Carol and Robin from www.robin-smith-art.co.uk
Gerald Ye Herald from www.arimsheraldics.me.uk and Phil from www.black-letter.co.uk
Lincoln Character 20
Lincoln Character 21
Lincoln Character 22
Alissa and Andy from www.alexanderinteriors.co.uk
Haydn and Dominic from www.laurestondesigns.co.uk
David and Rose from www.ribbonbox.co.uk

Lincoln Character 23
Lincoln Character 24
Lincoln Character 25
Lincoln Character 26
Lincoln Character 27
Lincoln Character 28
Patricia and Maurice from Gourmet Roasted Nuts 01526 398203
Chris and Sylvia from Mini World
Bob and carol from www.teachblackmithing.com
Stephen and Gillain from www.hidebound.co.uk
Maggie and Tracy from www.zooceramics.co.uk
Graham and Lorraine from www.beadazzeled.co.uk
Lincoln Character 29
Lincoln Character 30
Lincoln Character 31
Lincoln Character 32
Lincoln Character 33
Lincoln Character 34
Andy and Liz Candle Power Steam Boats 01697 323523
Alfons and Anne from A2Beads [email protected]
Rob and Sue from www.storkandcradle.co.uk
Natalie and Kate from www.giftsfromhandpicked.com
Jayne, Charles, Jonathan and Della from [email protected]
John and Jacqui from www.zanniajewellery.co.uk
In amongst the festive humans are some other decorative creatures and even the dogs get a Christmas make-over.
Lincoln Character 35
Lincoln Character 36
Lincoln Character 37
Andrew from 01673 843400 organ grinder hire
Lincoln Character 38
Lincoln Character 39
Lincoln Character 40
Even the public make a special effort and many thousands join in the fun by wearing colourful hats.  The couple below entered in the spirit and came all the way from Whitby sporting their Victorian finery.
Lincoln Character 41
The Public
Lincoln Character 42
Lincoln Character 43

Lincoln Character 44

Community Officers
Andrew and mark
Lincoln Character 45
Putting on an event of the size involves hundreds of people from the council and the emergency services and when the show finally closes there are many others who work through out the night to clear everything away.  With our heavy ceramics we are always one of the last to pack our stock away so we get to know the luminous night staff who come to dismantle the large marquees.
Lincoln Character 46
Marian, Artur, Kazik and Janis
Lincoln Character 47
Dates and Times for Lincoln Christmas Market  2011
Thursday 1st December      4 pm - 9.30 pm
Friday 2nd December        10 am - 9.30 pm
Saturday 3rd December    10 am - 9.30 pm
Sunday 4th December       10 am - 7.00 pm
By Tracy Wright 21st December 2008