AUGUST 2007   Rain or Shine
What a summer it has been, or rather what a summer it has not been.   So many art and craft show across the country have been ruined or cancelled due to the extreme flooding in many areas.  We exhibited a Wollaton hall in Nottingham at the end of June and a lovely show had been planned with many guest artists, celebrity chefs and flower arrangers, but the weather was pretty appalling and only a few brave souls waded through the flooded roads.

Maggie Betley Demo     Wollaton Hall
Zoo Ceramics at Wollaton Hall     Tracy Wright Demo
We had more luck with the weather when we attended Grimsthorpe Castle in August and The Hub's Lantern Festival in September.
Calligraphy Artist Rachel M Denton
As part of the LCSI project we came into contact with an artist who uses her lovely penmanship to design a range of unique stationery. Rachel Denton worked from images of our range to create a wonderful series of greeting cards.  More of her work can be viewed at:-

Zoo Ceramics Rachel M Denton Vulture     Zoo Ceramics Rachel M Denton 2

See It! At the Hub
Several pieces of the Zoo Ceramic range have been selected for the 'See It' exhibition at The Hub in Sleaford.  The show runs from 11th August - 23 September 2007.  For more details go to:-
Zoo Ceramics See It Owl     Zoo Ceramics See It Mini Cows     Zoo Ceramics See It Cows
Lyn Lovitt Pots and Pictures

Our colleague Lyn Lovitt has recently been exhibiting at the Sam Scorer Gallery in Lincoln from the 14th - 26th August 2007.  We shall be exhibiting at this venue in 2009 to celebrate our twenty first year in business, so it was important to see how a real professional coped with the space.  
Lyn is a superb ceramicist and produced a diverse range of designs from the figurative to the abstract, from the formal to amusing.  Each piece is so well executed and beautifully finished.  More of Lyn pieces can be viewed at:-

Lyn Lovitt 1     Lyn Lovitt 2     Lyn Lovitt 3
  By Tracy Wright 3rd October 2007