AUGUST 2006    Potfest Owl Pot     
Owl Water Colour   Front of Pot   Back of Pot
Owl Poetry Pot by Tracy Wright
This pot was designed for the Potfest 2006 exhibition entitled 'Obelisks, Towers and Minarets' and was inspired by a water colour study that I painted in 1985.  The scene shows a secretive stone doorway encasing a barred metal door. I  was intrigued by the carved owl and the inscription plaque above the lintel which reads 'This well was built by his Right Hon the Grace and Countess of Eglinton in 1685.'  

This structure overlooks Bretton Hall lake in West Yorkshire where I was an art student.   On this occasion I was even inspired to put pen to paper and came up with the following verse, which enhances the idea of my Poetry Pot.
I am the Owl
And my Domains are limitless
I have a Tower of Stone
And a sunken well
A gravel meadow leads down to the Lake
And for me that is all
There is no escape
For I live on a land slide
My Monument
My Fortress

Front   Back

Owl Detail
Owl Poetry Pot by Tracy Wright